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The Doraikanal coffee (affiliate link) is a very special coffee for me because it coincides with my personal values on so many different levels. The Doraikanal coffee is a shade-grown coffee and the plantation flourishes in the bosom of 200-year-old Shola trees. Why is that so special? Let me explain.

Why Doraikanal Coffee is special

Shola trees are a very peculiar species of trees that support a broad spectrum of flora and fauna ecology. Many species right from reptiles to birds have evolved and diversified due to the dense shades of the high altitude and secluded Shola forests. Similarly, the canopy of Shola trees housed and protected many flowering and fruiting plants which in turn also led to the creation of ecology for bees and other pollinating creatures.

However, the Shola forests are at risk as humankind has been slashing these age-old trees right and left for agricultural and development purposes. Further, as the forest department doesn’t exactly own these trees, there was nothing the government can do to protect these trees that have been a house to a providing tirelessly for an entire ecological system created under its shades.

You can read more about Shola trees and their importance on The Hindu and The Wire.

The Doraikanal Estate, however, does not infringe on the lifegiving trees but instead works along with the ecology to produce premium quality speciality coffee. I am delighted that KC Roasters has partnered with the Doraikanal Estates to preserve the Shola ecology and to provide excellent tasting coffee produced through the slow ripening process that occurs in the shade-grown coffee plants.

Now for the actual coffee review that you are here to read.

How I brewed Doraikanal Coffee

I had ordered the Doraikanal coffee in pre-ground form from KC Roasters. I brewed it in a french press. My coffee to water ratio was 1:18. I always follow the James Hoffman technique of brewing coffee in a French Press.

Favour Profile

The Doraikanal coffee experience for me was like being comforted by a warm snuggly blanket during a monsoon evening. As stated on KC Roaster’s website, the grouds and also the brew itself has a strong cocoa aroma with a hint of roasted nuts.

When quite hot to consume the coffee has a noticeably strong spicy flavour to it. However, as it cools down to a drinkable temperature, the prominent dark chocolate and cocoa flavours are released throughout your palette with every sip. The Doraikanal coffee has a nice full body. Hence the dark chocolate taste lasts considerably longer on the tongue and is multiplied with every sip. The wholesome cocoa flavour also has a light but quite noticeable undertones of roasted nuts. On the KC roasters website, they call this the flavour of the roasted chestnuts. However, as I have never really tasted chestnuts, I am going to call it the roasted nutty flavour. I also noticed very subtle spicy notes to the Doraikanal coffee. Though the spice only enhances the dark chocolate flavour as a whole.

Despite being a dark roast, the Doraikanal coffee has a pleasant but noticeable acidity. However, it is still quite mellow as compared to the super-exciting Kelagur coffee by KC roasters.

I would certainly recommend this coffee for those who like whole bodies, dark roasts with dark chocolate flavours and do not mind a slightly stronger bitterness to their coffee. Due to its darker roast and much whole body, one can even enjoy this coffee with milk or cream; however, I suggest you adjust the coffee to water proportion to get a stronger brew in that case.

As KC roasters ensure that you get your coffee freshly roasted, I would urge you to get whole beans for your brew if you have the grinding equipment as that will enhance the flavours of this beautiful Doraikanal coffee even further.

In the alternative, you can also buy Doraikanal Coffee on Amazon via this affiliate link.

Image courtesy – KC Roasters website

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