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Film Reviewed – One Day: Justice Delivered

One Day: Justice Delivered – a film in which good actors are undermined by its over the top visuals and underresearched facts.

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An esteemed judge retires and turns into the angel of justice responsible for the disappearances of criminals that he had acquitted earlier due to lack of evidence. Though this premise of One Day: Justice Delivered sounds like an intriguing thriller written by Sydney Sheldon, the film is actually not that interesting or thrilling.

Though the core story of this film is pretty decent, with a better screenplay and direction it could have translated into a much better film. However, the absolute lack of research in the nuances of the subject matter and the gaudy choice of visual storytelling by the director Ashok K Nanda were two major set-backs both for the film and the actors in it.

I believe that Anupam Kher’s portrayal of Justice Tyagi was one of his very best performances. Kher who is actually an extremely emotive actor, adapted to the calm and composed personality necessary for his character of a retired judge while making it look quite natural. Even the body language and mannerisms that Kher has added to his character are proof of the extremely hard work that he put into his acting.

The character of inspector Sharma, an honest but lazy policeman turned sidekick of a vigilante retired judge is also brought to life with extreme ease by Kumud Mishra.

I also liked the dashing portrayal of the character of Laxmi Rathi, a hardened lady-cop, by Esha Gupta. However, there is a scene in the film where Esha very noticeably breaks character and yet that scene somehow made its way to the film.

This and many other such directorial choices along with loose scriptwriting by Alaukik Rahi have turned a potentially decent film into a gaudy disappointment.

The script of this film is already filled with a series of gory crimes committed by persons in high places who escape punishment by using their financial and political power to alter evidence. Further, the film is about a calm and composed retired judge bringing them all to justice by a retired judge out of guilt that he could not convict them while he was servicing in the judiciary.

Now, using a tiny amount of comic relief by introducing fun and almost comic characters like Lakshmi Rathi and inspector Sharma is certainly acceptable in a film made for the Indian audience.

However, the screenwriter has added some extremely over the top and unnecessary action scenes while the director has gone further and inserted a cheesy dance number and CID-like visual sequences. Not to mention that both the writer and the director have completely ignored researching the facts about restrictions on a retired judge’s social and family life.

Therefore the resulting concoction of stellar opposites juxtaposed into a visual presentation has turned One Day: Justice Delivered into a film in which good actors are undermined by its over the top visuals and underresearched facts.

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